San Jose
2200 Eastridge Loop, #1004-A
San Jose, CA 95122
P: 408-531-9038
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The San Jose John Casablancas Center was established in 2008. Located inside San Jose's Eastridge Center (formerly Eastridge Mall), our 8,400 square-foot center has a modern environment with an upscale feel and features a professional runway room, photography studio and makeup rooms. All classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge equipment to further enhance the learning experience. This helps us provide clients & staff with upbeat, supportive, and fun experiences.

The Center's dedicated coaches are among the finest professionals in the fashion, beauty, acting and image-development fields. Their expertise, experience and commitment have helped thousands of their people look their best, feel their best and be their best, not to mention going on to successful modeling and acting careers. The Center offers Professional Modeling and TV Commercial Acting programs and workshops for ages 5 and up.

The John Casablancas Center is committed to providing talent with the tools they need to create an individual and unique style in a fun, exciting and professional environment. The John Casablancas Center is proud of the success of the people they work with, whether it is in the field of entertainment or simply an enhancement of their life skills.